If your car hasn’t had a service yet, now’s a good time. The last thing you need on a cold winters morning or evening is to be stranded when hoses, belts, batteries, or water pumps let you down. We offer anything from a basic seasonal check to a full manufacturer’s service. If you’re unsure we can advise you which service would be your best option. Also don’t forget a good service history on your vehicle will also help to retain its value!

At CARWISE majority of our work comes from repeat custom and their recommendations as we are an honest and trustworthy family business. Don’t take my word for it check out our reviews on the good garage scheme website. To find out more give us a call on 01202 471910, email carwise@outlook.com or pop in!

A few Checks to help keep you safe & breakdown free this winter:

Tyre pressures: This is a MUST as winter arrives because tyre pressures will drop by roughly one pound per ten degrees of temperature

Batteries: Not only do you need MORE power to start the engine in winter, you also get LESS power from the same battery due to cooler temperatures. Call in for a FREE battery and charging test!

Anti-freeze: is are very important for the correct operation of the engine. In the winter its vital levels are right because if the coolant freezes, it expands, and it’s bye-bye engine! It is also recommended that every 3-5 years the anti-freeze is changed. Call in for a FREE anti-freeze check.

Wiper Blades: Check that they are in good working order and smear free.

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